Our high-impact programmes for senior and high-potential Asian leaders are designed to unleash your potential and prepare you for the challenges and opportunities that you will encounter in the future. We provide exposure to the best current thinking in business leadership, blended with practical insights and live case studies presented by regional practitioners drawn from TMS' unparalleled networks. You will have the unique opportunity to interact with business leaders from a wide variety of industry sectors across the region, learn from their experiences and forge deep long-term relationships.


The Young LEADERS! programme has been designed and developed in partnership with the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia to help young managers to contribute as effective team players, harness the diversity and strengths of team members, gain greater self-awareness, learn how to manage self and others and hone the skills needed to drive high-performance.

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The LEADERS! programme strikes the optimal balance between academic and experiential learning through a journey to a key emerging market. The programme is designed to develop leadership capabilities in the context of today's changing global business environment, reflect on one's leadership effectiveness, broaden perspectives by providing insights into the challenges and issues facing global businesses and create a robust networking platform.

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The Global LEADERS! programme provides an exclusive group of senior executives with the opportunity to reflect on their personal leadership effectiveness, enhance their strategic perspectives through provocative discussions, sharpen their business acumen and enable them to engage in mutual exchange with peers from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

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Engineers as LEADERS!

What do Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (CEO, Amazon), and Klaus Schwab (Founder & Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum) have in common? They are all engineers whom not only have the technical know-how to solve complex problems, but also possess leadership qualities that enables them to lead teams and organisations effectively.

The Engineers as LEADERS! programme helps engineer leaders strengthen their strategic, enterprise, people and innovation leadership skills - skills that are critical to lead and win in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment.

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C-Suite Roundtable

We offer a series of 1-day programmes for C-Suite executives on specific topics they face in today's challenging business environments. In these sessions, we bring world-class thought leadership from global institutions to debate, frame and discuss what matters to you.

Global Innovators' Roundtable: Innovating for Sustainability

What Every Leader Must Know to Win in the Digital Future

Focus on Asia

A recent in-depth market assessment conducted by TMS Academy, including interviews with over 50 business, government and academic leaders, highlighted specific themes that are key to the development and growth of a robust pool of Asian regional and global leaders. Our portfolio of programmes has been designed to address these themes, by integrating cutting-edge thought leadership from the best global institutions, with insights from eminent regional practitioners. The first two of these, focusing on Strategic Financial Leadership and Innovation, have been launched in May 2014.

Our theme-based programmes include:

Asian Financial Leaders Programme (AFLP)

Strategic Financial Leadership: an Asian Perspective

Other Programmes

We offer a suite of programmes for executives ranging from new managers to senior executives on specific topics such as strategic analysis & decision making and creating shareholder value through growth.

Strategic Analysis & Decision Making

Creating Shareholder Value Through Growth

HCLI Programmes

At HCLI we develop programmes for senior executives that build capability to lead and drive business performance in and beyond Asia. Our programmes help Asia headquartered organisations expanding their Asia and global footprint and international headquartered organisations expanding their Asia footprint.

Upcoming HCLI Programmes