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A Fresh Perspective - SAC and IMD Partner to Publish 'Inspiring Stewardship'

As the business environment evolves, the notion of stewardship has never been more relevant. In today's world the ownership of firms is increasingly fragmented, and investment structures are more complex. Managing competing interests to find the right balance between short- and long-term considerations is perplexing for many leaders.

In June 2016, the Stewardship Asia Centre (SAC) launched a book that offers some insights into how stewardship can help business leaders and stakeholders approach the complexities of the modern business environment. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inspiring Stewardship is a collaboration between SAC's CEO Mr Ong Boon Hwee and Prof Didier Cossin, Director of the International Institute for Management Development (IMD)'s Global Board Centre. It is SAC's and IMD's inaugural book on stewardship, assembling insights from months of research and two innovative quantitative studies into an exploration of how stewardship works and what it takes to become a steward-leader.

Inspiring Stewardship offers an understanding of stewardship at work and its principles. It examines a range of exceptional individual and organisational examples of stewardship, illustrating how steward-leaders can steer with impact as transformational leaders. The book also looks at how these steward-leaders safeguard the future through exercising judgment and discipline and how they lead their organisations by championing transparency, accountability and responsibility.

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About where to get the book

Inspiring Stewardship (list price SGD38.95 for the hardcover edition) is currently available for pre-order across most major online book retailers, including Wiley, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, 800-CEO-READ, Kinokuniya, Asia Books, and Popular. It will be available on Singapore shelves in the third week of July 2016.

About SAC

Stewardship Asia Centre - a member of Temasek Management Services (TMS), a fully owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings - aims to foster effective stewardship and governance amongst businesses and leaders. Based in Singapore, it is a thought leadership centre that collaborates with leading partners globally on capacity building amongst organisations and business leaders in Asia. The Centre works with state-owned enterprises, corporations, family businesses, institutional investors as well as non-profit organisations.

About IMD

IMD is a top-ranked business school in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is ranked first in open programmes worldwide and in the top three in executive education worldwide - five years in a row (Financial Times 2012-2016). All IMD programmes and services focus on real-world challenges faced by executives. They work with their clients—individuals, teams and organisations—to resolve issues, build capabilities and prepare for the future. IMD attracts outstanding faculty members who combine thought leadership and practical experience. Run like a business, not only as an academic institution, the school adopts a relentlessly problem-solving approach to create lasting value and impact.

Did you know...

    The key attributes of a steward leader are:
  • The ability to lead with impact
  • The ability to safeguard the future
  • The ability to drive social good
These attributes arise from the mentality that stakeholders of all types, not just shareholders, come first.