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The New Era of Connected Digitalised Planning

Digital disruption has made the business world move faster than ever. New competitors, business models, buying behaviours and market opportunities are constantly emerging. Enterprises must be forward-looking as they plan for the future, while managing more frequent course corrections as they and the world around them evolve. Many companies operating in this fast-paced environment still use traditional software systems to plan and manage their supply chains, workforce, sales and finances but these systems are often rigid, expensive to change and difficult to maintain. Using spreadsheets to plan can be a messy and disjointed experience, leaving room for user errors, disconnected processes and long lead times to process data. To tackle the growing need to improve and streamline the planning process while connecting data, people and plans across businesses, Trusted Source, a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Management Services (TMS), has partnered with Anaplan to embark on a Finance digitalisation journey with an initial focus on Forecasting, Budgeting and Planning.

This new Digital Finance offering by Trusted Source is an easy-to-use single platform that empowers end users in Finance, Operations and Sales to rapidly design, build and deploy rich operational and performance management applications in the Cloud. The self-service platform connects business users from across the 'front lines' with a modern enterprise interface - similar to personal social media platforms - liberating IT and saving both time and money. It also removes the traditional dependency on spreadsheets and point solutions.

Following on this, Trusted Source is planning to offer its clients additional services to improve the planning process for other business functions such as Sales, Supply Chain, Workforce, Marketing and IT.

Companies using Trusted Source's new suite of Digital Business services can look forward to eliminating wasted productivity costs, increasing accuracy of plans/forecasts while shaving weeks or months off processes, and adapting quickly to changing business environments, all leading to better and more informed decision making, and faster and more effective planning.

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The origins of Anaplan, a Trusted Source partner

Anaplan was created by tech entrepreneur, Michael Gould, who developed the solution in his barn in Yorkshire - an English version of the Silicon Valley's garage - in the late 90s. Michael patented the Hyperblock, which is able to analyse company data in various dimensions (cubes, columns, cells). In a single business model, almost in real time, Anaplan was born.

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Did you know...

Close to 90% of spreadsheet documents contain errors, a 2008 analysis of multiple studies suggests. "Spreadsheets, even after careful development, contain errors in 1% or more of all formula cells," writes Ray Panko, a professor of IT management at the University of Hawaii and an authority on bad spreadsheet practices. "In large spreadsheets with thousands of formulas, there will be dozens of undetected errors." Yet, despite this long-standing evidence, most corporations have paid little attention to the prospect of serious spreadsheet errors.