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Embracing the Software Revolution in Human Resources (HR)

According to the authors of Deloitte's "Global Human Capital Trends 2016" report, "The era of true digital disruption has finally hit HR." The research found that despite some shining examples of efficiency and insights powered by design thinking and the right technology, many HR departments have yet to embrace a fully digitalised capability.

Trusted Source, a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Management Services (TMS), aspires to support HR executives in developing a clear vision for digitisation which takes a long term holistic view, aligned with the overall business goals, and backed by a strong business case of technology investments. Failure to adopt 'digital HR' could put organisations at risk of being left out of the race to attract, retain and engage their employees to build sustainable competitive advantage in an increasingly disruptive and disrupted world. In this connection, Trusted Source has embarked on a strategic initiative to make it easy for HR functions to use advanced analytics to predict future talent demands, measure and anticipate performance and retention issues, and adopt technology platforms to create virtual collaborations.

In a first step to support its HR clients in embracing the software revolution, Trusted Source has recently introduced a Digital HR service - an on-demand (cloud-based) human capital management software - in partnership with Workday. This new offering provides Trusted Sources' clients the ability to enhance HR functions such as the management of Talent, Compensation and Benefits in a much more efficient way, with easy intuitive user experience and business intelligence. The service is available on an anytime, anywhere basis.

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Watch this short video about Workday, delivered by Trusted Source's digital HR solutions team

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VP, Application Professional Services

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AVP, Digital HR Application Professional Services

Why HR needs to be at the centre of digital transformation

Digital transformation of the workplace is very much dependent upon a significant cultural shift within the Company itself. New work processes and personnel structures need to be implemented for a successful transition. Digital transformation of a company must be supported by its top management and its structure, with staff motivated and inspired throughout the process to embrace significant change. For such initiatives to be successful, the HR function itself needs to shift the commonly held perception of HR being a support function to that of a shaper of long-term transformation and sustainability of the Company and its business.

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According to the "2016 KPMG Global CEO Outlook Survey" of 1,200 business leaders, growth is their top priority. Almost 80% of the CEOs surveyed expect to increase hiring, and they acknowledge that managing talent will be especially key in the midst of technological change and investments.