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The Boardroom of the Future

As companies grow, Board meetings can become more frequent and meeting logistics more complex, with Directors increasingly based in different geographies and time zones. Scheduling and preparation for Board meetings is often a time-consuming and tedious process. Organisers spend considerable effort compiling documents many weeks in advance with additional multiple follow-ups required after the meetings have taken place. To address specific challenges in Board Meeting scheduling, workflow, circulation and record keeping, Trusted Source - a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Management Services (TMS) - has developed a series of digital solutions under its "Boardroom of the Future" initiative.

One of these new digital solutions is Boards-i-View, a new generation Board meeting system that is designed to assist C-Suite executives, Board Directors and Company Secretaries with document management workflow. Its aim is to streamline Board meeting processes and to facilitate decision-making by providing better "real-time" management of Board paper preparations, approvals and distribution to all Directors.

Boards-i-View was designed by Trusted Source's in-house Innovation & Technology team in collaboration with its in-house Board services subject matter experts. Boards-i-View automates Board activities, facilitates easy review and approval of meeting minutes, and provides a Digital Signature function to enable convenient signatory coordination among directors, overcoming any geographic and physical barriers. Authorised users can access Boards-i-View anytime, anywhere, as long as they have Internet. All actions are recorded in audit trail and the system meets legal requirements under the Singapore Electronic Transactions Act. The Trusted Source team is working on expanding its "Boardroom of the Future" suite of digital solutions to include corporate database management and information services to enable increasingly more efficient, effective, high quality and speedy Board level decision-making.

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About Boards-i-View's key features

    Meeting Scheduler: Creates meeting schedules for AGM, EGM, Board and various Committee Meetings:

  • Notifies invitees, tracks and manages responses real-time;
  • Enables invitees to propose alternative dates of availability;
  • Notifies invitees of confirmed dates, venues and meeting times automatically;
  • Displays meetings records in upcoming meeting dashboard of invitees.

    Corporate Actions Workflow for Agenda and Meetings

  • Provides backbone that guides preparation and conduct of board meetings;
  • Enables key management to be defined as default users/reviewers based on meeting type from creation to finalisation;
  • Enables Tracking & Monitoring; Reminders; Audit Trail of workflows
  • Collates and distributes board papers electronically

    Circular resolutions and e-signing

  • Enables directors to eSign Directors' resolutions anytime, anywhere.

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Did you know...

According to McKinsey & Company, Directors at the most effective Boards spend an average of 41 days per year in their role.