We provide event management services ranging from event conceptualisation through to post-event analysis. Whether it is an intimate CEO roundtable, a leadership forum or a large global conference, we have delivered events since 2003, catering to senior leaders in corporates and the public sector. Partnering with TMS Academy, we conceptualise leadership events that are relevant to current market trends, and we deliver every event to the highest standards possible for a memorable and engaging audience experience.

The non-profit sector is also an area where we have facilitated events relating to the development of youth and leaders for future generations.

At Trusted Services, we provide a comprehensive suite of business solutions in Accounting, HR & Payroll and Event Management to progressive organisations in a competitive marketplace. Our clients out-source to stay focused on their core business purpose whilst leveraging our functional expertise and operational efficiencies in business processes. We are a dedicated team of professionals who listen to our customers' requirements and are committed to delivering reliable, quality service.