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  3rd Quarter 2017 Newsletter  
Warm greetings to all our readers!

In this edition of the TMS newsletter, we would like to share highlights from our subsidiary Trusted Source, which specialises in Integrated Business and Technology Services. Over many years of service to the TMS and Temasek ecosystem companies, Trusted Source has developed solid experience in providing integrated shared services in IT, Finance, HR and Board Services to support business growth. Over time, Trusted Source has expanded its reach and currently serves a diverse group of local and global clients across multiple sectors and industries. Read about some of the new services being offered by Trusted Source, which continues to provide unique full service solutions to its clients through a combination of innovative designs by our in-house Innovation and Technology team and collaboration with a carefully selected list of technology and business partners.
The Boardroom of the Future
As companies grow, Board meetings can become more frequent and meeting logistics more complex, with Directors increasingly based in different geographies and time zones. Scheduling and preparation for Board meetings is often a time-consuming and tedious process. Organisers spend considerable effort compiling documents many weeks in advance with additional multiple follow-ups required after the meetings have taken place. To address specific challenges in Board Meeting scheduling, workflow, circulation and record keeping, Trusted Source - a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Management Services (TMS) - has developed a series of digital solutions under its "Boardroom of the Future" initiative.

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Embracing the Software Revolution in Human Resources (HR)
According to the authors of Deloitte's "Global Human Capital Trends 2016" report, "The era of true digital disruption has finally hit HR." The research found that despite some shining examples of efficiency and insights powered by design thinking and the right technology, many HR departments have yet to embrace a fully digitalised capability.

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The New Era of Connected Digitalised Planning
Digital disruption has made the business world move faster than ever. New competitors, business models, buying behaviours and market opportunities are constantly emerging. Enterprises must be forward-looking as they plan for the future, while managing more frequent course corrections as they and the world around them evolve. Many companies operating in this fast-paced environment still use traditional software systems to plan and manage their supply chains, workforce, sales and finances but these systems are often rigid, expensive to change and difficult to maintain. Using spreadsheets to plan can be a messy and disjointed experience, leaving room for user errors, disconnected processes and long lead times to process data. To tackle the growing need to improve and streamline the planning process while connecting data, people and plans across businesses, Trusted Source, a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Management Services (TMS), has partnered with Anaplan to embark on a Finance digitalisation journey with an initial focus on Forecasting, Budgeting and Planning.

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