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  1st Quarter 2017 Newsletter  
Boards and Innovation: Creating Sustainable Growth Through Business Model Innovation
In today’s world, companies and businesses operate in an increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex environment. As a result, the capability and agility to stay competitive through innovation is vital for sustainable growth. Traditional innovation strategies that revolve around product innovation, such as designing new products or services to address unmet market needs, or leveraging new technologies to satisfy existing market demand are no longer sufficient. In fact, organisations often need to have a systematic approach to review their business model and identify new growth opportunities.

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Why Financial Literacy Matters
Consumers are often inundated with credit and investment opportunities and without proper knowledge, it is easy to get into financial trouble. In past generations, cash was used for virtually every purchase. Today, cash is used to a lesser extent, however, the way we shop has also changed dramatically. Online shopping has become the preferred choice for many younger consumers, increasing opportunities to use and overextend credit and to accumulate debt fast. Many of these consumers may have little understanding of finances, and how credit or investments work, as well as the potential impact this may have on their financial well-being for many years to come.

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Strategic Analysis & Decision Making
Every leader must make complex decisions, analyse risk and map out clear plans of action. Strategic Analysis and Decision Making enhances managers’ abilities to obtain insights and exercise judgment by deepening their decision-making skills and helping them to design more effective choice processes.

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